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The Full Story on Crystals

Here you will find the very best selected, cleansed, activated and unique high vibration Crystal Skulls, Dragon Skulls, Unicorn Skulls and alter tools. 

I have always been fascinated by ancient traditions and Indigenous magick.  It has always frustrated me over the years how magic is alive all over the world along with traditional crafts and yet these are often ignored in favour of buying cheaply and conveniently from online markets.


For over twenty years of travelling, living in small villages and working with indigenous tribes, means I have built up a wonderful global family of talented makers.   It's quite shocking to how little these locals are given for their work by suppliers and how the quality is ignored which is why I only buy direct from source and the country of origin.

With crystals especially, so many come mass produced from Chinese markets, poor quality and with low vibration.  Much like adopting an animal, a poor start in life can affect a crystal forever - they are energy after all.  


Our crystals are all individually selected and ethically sourced throughout the world.  I have access to some beautiful people that carve skulls for me often to order.  They will select a stone via its energy and most even ask it how it wishes to be carved and who it is meant for.


I see myself as a foster mother - I received these babies for a transient time - time for me to nurture them, cleanse them and activate them until a new owner approaches me.  All skulls are carried by me for 13 days for 24 hours and supercharged under copper pyramids with my 13 original skulls for maximum energy and coding.  All skulls are activated on major leylines/sacred sites of their choosing.


 The crystals are lovingly cleansed and activated at various places.  In Norfolk UK I am sitting on a key line that runs through Glastonbury and Stone henge to Cornwall . After they have attuned and collected the energy I will talk to them on their purpose.


In the last few years I was called back into consciousness as a High Priestess by the 13 Skulls in history.  These skulls contain the collective consciousness of the universe.  Any skull carved contains this consciousness. Since this point I have taken many  of my skulls around the world to activate on Key leylines and sites the original skulls were discovered


All crystals will include a spell, meditation and instructions so you can connect successfully.

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