Hi I'm Amanda

For many years I lived an incredibly successful life in this first world.  However, a series of severe depressive episodes, loss and extreme behaviour actually showed that despite my fiscal success, I was at odds with the world I lived in.

During this time I was denying my magic and living a life that I wasn’t suited to. I had been denying psychic skills I had as a child in order to fit in yet I was miserable.  After losing my father, I folded my business and started to remember who I really was.

I trained as an Earth Priestess and then High Priestess, quickly remembering my legacy and skills.  Abilities to read the Akash came back, channelling, second sight and travelling between worlds.  

My strongest connection is in both channelling and in working with elemental beings/natures guardians.  I also recently started to work with crystal skulls after the original 13 awakened my connection and took me on a path to Mexico to work with their consciousness.  

My passion is in ancient and indigenous magick - that which I once knew and what I am discovering in my travels.  I bring these practises and ceremonies into my work to share them with the world and keep them alive.

With the help of some key guides and mentors I’ve rediscovered the beauty in both myself and the world in which I live - I've done that by opening up this world to the otherworldly - where true magic lies.

I am many things and I practise magic in many guises - what I am committed to above all is Mother Earth and her transition into a new age.